Community Outreach ProjectS

Community Outreach Projects are one-day projects that look to do as much as possible for the community in that time frame. MTAG provides free instructional baseball clinics and equipment giveaways to the kids of the community. Along with the clinic, MTAG provides restoration to baseball fields in need. Additionally, it enlists the support of local baseball teams and/or professional players to administer the clinics and restorations, providing top-level instruction and experience. MTAG also partners with local businesses and leaders in the community to create ongoing support that will provide continued opportunities for local youth. Noteworthy is the fact that there is a mutual enlightenment for those who participate in the services inasmuch as through the process the coaches and other contributors are able to see how they can make impressions on kids and positively affect a community while at the same time fueling their own sense of purpose.


Immersion Projects

Through the Immersion Projects, MTAG has the opportunity to impact children all over the world. The goal of these trips is simple: to bring baseball equipment, instruction, and restore or construct baseball fields for areas in need for a sustained period of time. However, what is created goes beyond the material items that are provided. Initially, the cultural exchange creates friendships and bridges gaps between communities and language barriers. More immediately, MTAG is able provide the children with activities to keep them busy and active by giving their communities the ability to play the great game of baseball on safe and playable baseball fields. Perhaps most significantly, MTAG strives to empower the children with important life skills such as teamwork, respect, dedication, and also the importance of giving back to their respective community. To achieve these goals MTAG usually travels with a group of 10-30 volunteers to these countries and has been fortunate to have volunteers who have played baseball at the collegiate and professional levels. Our volunteers allow us not only to offer top-level instruction but also to reach the communities as ambassadors to show the kids how important it is to work hard and be good citizens. The long-range hope is that the efforts of MTAG leave behind an enduring sense of community and personal responsibility as well as a vehicle to provide opportunities for youth in need.


Here's just a small sampling of the outreach projects we have accomplished...

RODeo, California


La Romana, Dominican Republic


Medellin, COlombia


Limbe, Cameroon

Limbe, Cameroon

Bongo, Panama