Back To Bongo

Its been almost 4 years since MTAG first stepped foot in Bongo, a small village located in the northern provence of Chiriqui, Panama.  Since 2012 MTAG has maintained its presence in Bongo. Initially as a community service project with Glenwood High School, Smiths, Alabama; the group helped build vegetable gardens for the community, held several baseball clinics with games and climbed(13hours) to the top of Volcan Baru, a peak 11,400 ft and the tallest mountain in Panama. Over the years MTAG has returned to Bongo to help build a baseball field and start an after school baseball program.

July 9th, MTAG is headed back to Bongo. There will be several familiar faces going on the trip, some headed back to Bongo for their 3rd and 4th time, for some it will be their first experience. The group plans to continue the work that has been started, look for areas that need influence and of course peak Volcan Baru!

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Marshall Murray