Dominican Republic June 2018


Day 1:

First day in the Dominican couldn’t have gone better! We went back to a field we fixed up previously to find it in better shape than we left it, and well used. More than enough kids for a pickup game came out, and the whole neighborhood came to watch!



Day 2:

Today was all about perspective. It’s easy to forget the simple pleasure and contentment this game can bring when all of the outside stress is stripped away. To this end, no one set a better example than the kids and families we are fortunate enough to interact with today. There’s something to be learned from everyone, but you have to be excited to look, and you have to be willing to listen.


Day 3:

Driving around today, we saw countless instances of children playing baseball without any field to speak of. That can be daunting at times, when it seems like you can’t possibly have the impact you wish you could. But as we watch the kids and coaches return to their renovated fields as we wrapped up this evening, the excitement in their eyes and the smile on their faces was palpable. Maybe that’s enough.

Day 4:

You're not that cool.


Day 5:

I hear and I forget. 
I see and I remember.

Sawyer Gieseke