Earth Day 2018: Richmond, CA (+VIDEO)

The day started at 8am with 3 different volunteer sites. The first was Shields-Reid Community Center, where MTAG spends every Friday playing baseball with the kids. The goal was to clean up all the trash, pick the weeds, and get the field into playing shape. We were met with around 25 volunteers and we were able to get the T-Balls game going by 11! Over at Rancho Market, Love Your Block was working on the initial stages of a mural covering the entire store, giving a positive look to an area affected by violence. The mural pays its respects to the jazz and agricultural history of Richmond (read + watch more at Down at Verde Elementary, volunteers were getting dirty in Wildcat Creek, cleaning up the trash before it makes its way into the bay, Around noon, everyone headed to Shields-Reid park to enjoy food, music, activities, tents, and mostly, each other! What a fun day! (as shown by the video) 

This is something that we definitely want to see more of, and will be extremely active in recreating, in Richmond!