Interview with Julan (9) at Shields-Reid in Richmond, CA

Name: Julan

Age: 9

Grade: 2nd

What's your nickname?


Why CK?

Because I'm the Colombia Kid, because you guys brought those kids from Colombia and I want to be the next kid you guys bring somewhere to play baseball.

What's your favorite sport?

Basketball and Baseball

What's your favorite team?

Warriors and Giants

What's your favorite color?


What do you want to be when you grow up?

Baseball player

Do you know what More Than A Game is?

You guys teach people baseball and go play baseball with kids who can't always play baseball or don't have gloves, and bats and stuff. 

What have you learned from Coach Don?

To catch the ball, and hold the ball [like this], and throw straight.

When do you see Don?

Every Friday, and I see Sawyer every Friday, for 2 hours, for like 50 Fridays.

A year?


Do you have a girlfriend?


What's her name?

Jazlyne. She's really nice, and if somebody is getting bullied, she'll step up and tell them to stop bullying.

What do you like about Richmond?

I don't like anything about Richmond.

Why's that? What's it been like growing up here?

Bad. They been car jackin', a lot of people died out here, and a lot of people got shot out here.

What do you want to see change in Richmond?

A lot better people and people not getting killed and stuff. 

How do we do that?

Ummm.. maybe.. take all the people that killed people or did a bad crime to jail, and then the good people will be safe.  

What do you think More Than A Game is trying to do?

Make this city a better place. I mean, since nobody plays sports out here, you make it so they have something good to do. Other kids don't get to play at their house, and you guys let them play here.