#WednesdayWhy from Nick Gruener

Growing up, your parents throw you into different sports and as a kid you tend to continue playing what you excel at best, or what you enjoy the most. The intangibles of where that sport takes you in life, is what truly exemplifies how incredible and monumental sports are in the growth of every one of us. Baseball has led me on the most incredible path, playing in different leagues all around the country while meeting incredible individuals and forming lifelong bonds with teammates along the way. It also has led me to More Than A Game, which truly encompasses the gratitude we have as players for what the game as done for us, and allows us to give back to other communities. Thank you baseball for giving me the greatest life a kid can ask for, and many more experiences to come. ⠀⠀⠀⠀

-Nick Gruener, Baltimore Orioles Pitcher

MTAG Puerto Rico⠀⠀

Sawyer Gieseke