#WednesdayWhy from David Lopez


#WednesdayWhy from David Lopez, who was on our trip to Puerto Rico in October!
“If I go through the first 20 some years of my life, in every stage, I have a significant memory that is related to baseball. From something simple like playing sandlot games as a kid with my best friends, to hitting on a tee in my garage after school to clear my head, to playing in the college World Series with Arizona and everything in between, Baseball was the hub for my life. It brought in new friendships, amazing opportunities to travel, special moments with my brother and father and so much more. 
Being able to be apart of MTAG and restore fields and do clinics with youth is such an honor because Baseball WAS more than a game for me. it was my safe space. being able to give back to the game that did so much for me and hoping that another youth finds the same refuge I did with the game is really something special.”

Sawyer Gieseke